Derek Cracco
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Love 2005
This exhibition explores the word Love and it’s social and spiritual connotations. Some of the works included in this exhibition are my reaction to Christian talk radio claiming that God, as punishment for the sins of New Orleans, sent Katrina. These images were conceived around the dictionary definition of the word love, with emphasis on the following: “The fatherly concern of God for humankind” and “The personal adoration of man for God”.

The work consists of stretched canvas sized with rabbit-skin glue. Images are transferred into the sizing on the canvas. A layer of clear epoxy resin is poured onto the surface, sealing the image under a 1/8th inch thick layer of resin. Vinyl and other types of ephemera such as prayer cards and prostitute calling cards are laminated to the surface of the resin. The process is repeated with the inclusion of acrylic paint and other collaged elements added to the compositions. This process creates a surface in which the objects within the composition float between successive layers of resin, creating a three-dimensional effect in which images are suspended within a soup of atmosphere.